SALA 2016

I have 2 solo exhibitions opening for SALA 2016.

STILLED LIFE opens at Adelaide Central School of Art August 2-September 3.

The notion of the trophy as a symbol of achievement is well recognized. Taxidermy trophy heads provide a personal dilemma, evoking an enduring sadness rather than a sense of success. Paradoxically, the taxidermists' earnest and sensitive attempts to restore life to these creatures, further stills the animal. 

Combining early and current image making technologies as a starting point, I explore alternate views of these seemingly still lifes in paint, video, clay and photography.




cassie thring only black photograph on german etching paper in lighbox 40cm x 40cm



A QUIET CONVERSATION opens at One Small Room Elizabeth St Croydon July 28-August 28.


This exhibition focuses on the notion of words left unspoken and thoughts not shared; abstracted moments of potential. We live amoungst these whispered joys and despairs as they float through the universe, with no understanding of what we hear. Akin to the birdsong that fills the sky, this indecipherable chatter of life is pondered via small works in ceramic and paint.



cassie thring installation view of Telling you Everything 1 raku clay, underglaze, 40cm x 30cm x 30cm and A Quiet Conversation, oil on board, 30cm 20cm 2016.