The Where, (key with map) , detail, cyanotype on cotton rag, dimensions variable 2018

The Where, (key with map), detail, cyanotype on cotton rag, dimensions variable 2018



The Obscure Camera March 20th-April 20th 2018


The Obscure Camera is curated by Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery Manager Andrew Purvis.  Interested in the ways experimental photographic techniques explored in artists' practices, Purvis has brought together new work made by Andrew Dearman, Dan McCabe, Justine Varga and myself.

 The Where (map with key) , 478 x 271 mm, is an installation consisting of a pasteup, a series of 8 timber mounted cyanotype tondos, original source cyanotypes and a found photograph. Expanding new techniques learnt during a recent international residency, The Where (map with key) exploits process as a strategy for resolution. Cyanotypes of a found photograph are made first by the artists hand, then scanned, magnified and printed again by the machine. These steps operate as a visual echo and help facilitate a close scrutiny of an impenetrable oceanic vastness, that which writer Rebecca Solnit describes as the blue of distance.This blurring of ocean, sky and distance rests at the edge of what can be seen and known. How do we see or measure that which cannot be known? In an ongoing quest to understand these outer edges of life that are worthy of enquiry, the artist becomes both explorer and maker.